Automatic Door Accessories

We are you solution for all door accessories, including sensors and bollards, and handicap buttons, guard rails and washroom systems.

The first step of any door solution project is to determine the application needs, which will then give you a clear idea of which automatic door accessories you will need. From there, Del-Mar Door Service can deliver customized automatic door accessory solutions to meet each and every one of your requirements.

Need hands free door operation for people, luggage, deliveries, wheelchairs shopping carts, baby carriages and couriers? We’ve got buttons, touchless switches and sensors for all of it. Do you need to ensure your entryways meet accessibility requirements so that disabled people and those with special needs have the same access as everybody else? We can implement any available handicap buttons, guard rails and washrooms systems that are available. 

Automatic Doors AccessoriesFor offices or other buildings with sensitive information, there are many keyless entry or proximity card readers that will secure your doors and ease your mind.

In the health industry – where security is also paramount – the isolation control of airborne contaminants and infection is often a significant challenge, for which we’ve got all the solutions.

Regardless of which automatic door system you have implemented, at Del-Mar Door Service we’ve got you covered. If there is a door accessory that’ll solve your problem, we’ll not only find it, but we’ll install it and make sure it’s in working order.

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